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We offer an Integral Solution for any type of event. 


We develop Creative Concepts, Image Design and everything necessary to generate a successful result with a high level of quality.


We generate Unique and Special Events, with the aim of keeping brands in the memory and heart of the audience, positioning companies, products and/or services in the best way.


  • Product Launches and Activations

  • Town Halls, Kick-Offs and New Year's Eve Events

  • Exclusive Private Events

  • Congresses, Conventions and Commercial Exhibitions

  • Business Meetings and Exclusive Events 

  • press conferences

  • Team Buildings, Conferences and Business Coaching

  • Tastings of Wine, Tequila, Mezcal, Coffee, Tea, Whiskey and more... 

  • Video Production and Multimedia Communication Pieces

  • Audio, Video and Lighting with Cutting-edge Technology

  • Staging, Stands and Displays 

  • Special Effects for Events 

  • Hotels, Venues and Alternative Spaces

  • Catering and Personal Chef

  • National and International Speakers

  • National and International Shows and Performances

  • Models, Hostesses, Gios and Coordinators

  • Giveaways and Exclusive Gifts

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